Haryana Olympic Association

(Regd.No. 251 of 1987-88)

Olympic Bhawan, Sector-3,Panchkulla

Phone : +91 172 2586803

Our History

What is the Haryana Olympic Association?

The Haryana Olympic Association (HOA) is a body that is responsible for the development of Olympic sports disciplines in the state of Haryana.

The Haryana Olympic Association is a body that works under the aegis of the IOC and the IOA to further the cause of sports in the state of Haryana, India..

Our Vision

To create a conducive environment and culture in which the youth will be encouraged to develop their full potential as sportspersons.
To promote excellence in sports through the collaborative efforts of Government, sports bodies, private sector and community at large

Our Mission

  • To ensure Good and Quality Infrastructure for athletes.
  • To create a culture of sports by imbibing higher moral and ethical values, spirit of comradeship and the desire to excel.
  • To promote Women Sports.
  • To promote traditional Rural Games in Haryana.
  • To recognize special needs of disabled and facilitate their participation in sports.
  • To shape human personality and maintenance of sound body and mind.
  • To foster peace, brotherhood and nation building.
  • To transform frustrated, disorganized and disgruntled youth into self-confident and capable work force.
  • To Create Healthy Haryana, Healthy INDIA